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March 16, 2013   Haas School of Business   University of California, Berkeley


Technology Panel

A2A – America to Asia or Asia to America: How to enable an Asia originated innovation succeed in global platform

There are many interesting innovations from the US such as Google, Amazon and Facebook that have changed the world including Asia. But there are various interesting technologies in Asia that have the potential to change the world like the US counterparts. What have made American originated innovation succeed in Asia? How to nurture more Asia originated innovations? How to enable an Asia originated innovation succeed in global platform


Rick (Shirui) Chen - Director, UCWeb

Rick Chen serves as Managing Director at UCWeb USA, responsible for operating UCWeb’s U.S. Office including strategic planning, business development and daily operation.

Prior to UCWeb, Rick served as Sales Manager at Huawei USA and Sr. Business Analyst at Huawei HQ since 2007. Through is work with Huawei, Rick gained comprehensive mobile industry expertise across wireless and wire-line technologies, as well as mobile application development. He has also led the company’s mobile internet research team and helped establish the company’s competition strategy.  He has worked on projects in Asia, Europe, India, Africa, South America and North America promoting mobile internet technology in segments ranging from the very poor in emerging markets to high end customers in developed countries.

Rick has worked extensively helping Chinese firms expand globally.  Additionally, he has a master degree in Technical Economics at Wuhan University and a bachelor degree in Computer Science.   

Mark Beckford - CEO, Netbridge Global

Mark Beckford is the CEO and founder of NetBridge Global, a firm that helps both small and large technology companies get their business up and running in China. Mark has nearly two decades of experience in various leadership positions in the information and communications technology sector.

He spent the last five years living and working in China. His areas of expertise include international business, market and channel development, sales, marketing, general management, and corporate strategy. He started two new businesses in China from the ground-up with both Intel Corporation and NComputing. His global reach includes extensive experience engaging the highest levels of government and industry in China, India, Brazil, Russia, and more than 40 other countries. He received his MBA from the Haas School of Business at Berkeley and blogs about international business, innovation and business strategy at

Gary Yao - Advanced Technology Manager, HTC America

Speaker bio Coming Up!


Thomas Luo - Co-founder, CEO & Chief Editor, PingWest & PingEast

Thomas Y.H. Luo is the Co-founder, CEO and Chief Editor of a group of online tech publications named PingWest/PingEast whose mission is to connect tech and startup ecosystems between Silicon Valley and China. Previously Thomas worked for CBN Weekly – China’s top business magazine as San Francisco and Silicon Valley based tech writer. Thomas is a well-known tech writer in China with 7 years relevant experience.

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